My purpose in life is to inspire people as I have been inspired, to know that joy and happiness are the essence of life, and that each day we live in the presence of the miraculous.

The book, “When Reason Screams NO and Intuition Screams YES” is now a reality. It encompasses my spiritual quest, and I believe, provides a guide to a truly satisfying life. One full of optimism, hope and the knowledge that the miraculous is always present within us.

Dreams do come true. That’s a fact of which I have no doubt. I always dreamt of becoming an author, one who’s writing reflected message of love and inspiration. It took a while to find enough courage, and in the end, my spiritual sense compelled me.

Let me share my discovery with you. Together we can bring the light and joy we generate in our lives to a world that is in dire need of hope.

I welcome you to my online home. Browse a bit. If you like, share your experience or your comments.

To find our own nature, to live in the now and in the eternity of the spirit — that is the greatest joy in life. I know that my book can help you forward on your path.

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As a reader whose first language is not English, I think this book is worth reading a lot. The sentence and phrase are concrete and mimic, which make you able to sense the author's feeling. Furthermore, the story described in this book is inspiring and interesting. I am encouraged by the grandparents' persistance and bravery and shocked to know that there was a different picture about the 2nd world war. Last but not least, this book provides an image of western culture, which is nothing like my domestic culture. When I go back to china, I definitely will buy two as gifts for my friends. Hopefully, I could get the signature.

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