Cover image for book titled When Reason Screams NO and Intuition Screams YES by Vtec Janus

When Reason Screams NO and Intuition Screams YES

An amazing and inspiring true life story of courage and faith

Author:Vtec Janus
Editor:David Schier
Publisher:IDS Publishing P/L
Publication Date:October 10, 2011
Format:A5, Paperback
Number of Pages:168
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Author’s Noteix

When I returned to the country of my birth, I hoped to learn of my past and to reacquaint myself with my extended family. I had some memories of my relatives and I wanted to rediscover my roots. These hopes were more than fulfilled.

During my visit I received the gift of my Grandpa’s life story. At the time I couldn’t fully comprehend it. But as time passed, it all started to make sense.

When I went through my own rough patch, I began to live the truths that my grandfather had taught me. The changes in my life didn’t happen overnight, but I began to see how I’d gone wrong. Though I had left my spirit open to suffering, I understood that I had options to deal with my feelings. In fact, these choices were limitless. I decided to follow my heart, spread my wings, and fly.

I’ve often asked myself what it is, exactly, that makes my Grandpa’s story special and different than other personal accounts of survival. In large part, it’s because the lessons he learned can apply to anyone’s life at any time or place. Every person who has lived on this earth has had to make his or her way through some difficult choices. Though we are born into a particular family, time and place, the choices we make are nevertheless, our own. We are free to make our own path and define the person we wish to become.

Children are told stories — true or made up — that build their fantasies and dreams. This is a true story, but one which may do the same for our adult selves. It has inspired and led me to become the person I am today. By sharing it, I hope that you, too, will be touched by its simplicity and wisdom. May it inspire you with faith and courage, and help you to welcome life as it comes. By following your heart’s deepest desires and promptings, you will become the person you truly are.

Chapter 1: 1
Chapter 2: Crossroads15
Chapter 3: Taken Away — The Ordeal Begins31
Chapter 4: Detention Camp — The Ordeal Intensifies49
Chapter 5: To Escape, The Spirit Must be Willing63
Chapter 6: The Best Laid Plans Go Wrong, Fortunately79
Chapter 7: Joy of Return, Joy Overturned97
Chapter 8: Miracle115
Chapter 9: Reflections on Courage and Faith135

The Lamp Magazine

The Lamp Magazine, December 2012 – January 2013, page 41


Set amid the chaos of war and invasion, this is the true story of Stanley Janus’s brush with death, and of how a miracle saved him from a terminal illness. At the same time, it is the distillation of his wisdom and a guide for living from the heart. The book is an adventure story and an eyewitness account of a time when Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia allied to tear Europe apart. It also tells the story of his wife who performed the duties of a nurse while caring for her husband. In the end, his recovery against all odds inspired them with both faith and courage to care for their newborn grandson, the author, at a later time. The style is unpretentious, conversational, and accessible.

The Lamp Magazine, December 2012 – January 2013, page 41

Midwest Book Reviews

A blind leap of faith is sometimes needed to go forward in life. "When Reason Screams No and Intuition Screams Yes: An Amazing and Inspiring True Life Story of Courage and Faith" is a memoir from Vtec Janus who touches on the crossroads of his life and how he considered all the options and made his decisions based on his family’s history and faith. An enticing read of one man’s decisions, "When Reasons Screams No and Intuition Screams Yes" is a well worth considering for memoir readers.

John Taylor, Midwest Book Reviews

Kirkus Reviews

Janus shares the compelling, emotionally charged story of survival and faith that his grandfather, Stanley, relays to him in Poland.

When he received his grandfather’s inspiring life story, Janus, now older and with a family of his own, was an 18-year-old political refugee living in Australia but visiting Poland, his birth country. Through the grandfather’s first-person narration, readers learn about his near-death experiences as a soldier in Poland during World War II. Germans and Russians invaded the newly sovereign nation, leaving its inhabitants with little choice but to surrender to the whims of these brutal, suffocating forces. Stanley, a young man at the time, sets off to fight for the Polish army but is captured by the Russians and forced to live in a mud ditch for months. He miraculously survives the harsh winter and manages to escape into the woods. A yearlong perilous journey follows, as Stanley slowly and carefully makes his way back home to his love—later to become his wife and Janus’ grandmother. The single thing that protects and saves Stanley is his faith in God; with that, he intuitively knows that everything will be all right. The story drives home the point that “even a quiet, ordinary life requires the burden of decision. Your choices may turn out badly, but if they come from deep within you, who is to say if you are wrong?” Another traumatic incident years later—gangrene in Stanley’s legs, likely caused by the frigid air he was exposed to during his imprisonment—threatens to handicap and even kill him. Hours away from scheduled surgery to amputate both legs, his intuition tells him not to proceed; everything will be OK. Against medical and familial advice, he refuses surgery and miraculously heals on his own—an impassioned if not wholly convincing argument for using intuition as a guiding force.

The immeasurable, well-portrayed bond between grandfather and grandson holds this anecdote-driven story together.

Kirkus Reviews

CALEB Reviews

This is a story of survival in terrible circumstances. The narrative is presented as a conversation between the author and his Grandfather, Stanley. This method has an immediacy that brings the story to life.

Vtec sits beside his Grandfather Stanley, as he is resting before the party for the grandparents’ fiftieth wedding anniversary. Vtec asks his Grandpa questions drawing out the amazing story of his life and the miracles of God’s love and care. He tells of how sick Vtec was a tiny boy and how he and Grandma helped to look after him and the unlikely medicine the doctor told them to use that seemed to cure him.

When Vtec asks Stanley about the gangrene in his legs, Stanley goes back to the beginning of World War II when German troops invaded Poland. The Germans had wrecked so much havoc in the country that it was hard for Stanley to join his army unit especially as, while the Germans came from the west, the Russians invaded from the East. He could not find his unit, so he and some friends decided to go home again. On the way they were caught by the Russians and imprisoned in a gully impossible to escape from. Stanley felt that the suffering and cold they endured in that gully caused the gangrene that nearly killed him after the war. Incredibly Stanley and some other men were called out of the pit, and they managed to escape.

After a long and dangerous journey Stanley finally made it to his home, and saw his sweetheart again and made the best life he could. When the gangrene was very bad he was to be taken to hospital to be operated on to amputate his legs, but he refused because he trusted God to look after him. Against everyone’s expectations he was healed.

Throughout the story Stanley’s faith and trust in God stands out. His relationship with God was his salvation in more ways than one. This story is saturated in God’s truth and love, and Stanley’s life reflects this. Vtec has written on his thoughts and mediations as he ponders on his grandfather’s life and encourages us to take inspiration and faith from the example of his grandfather. It is a beautiful story.

CALEB Reviews

When Reason Screams No and Intuition Screams Yes is the true account of Stanley Janus’ life. Set in Poland where Stanley lived all his life, it is a story of incredible courage, integrity and faith. It is related in narrative form as told to Stanley’s grandson, Vtec, and deserves to be told and read by all.

It is a story of human endurance and resilience and also of how God works miracles in the lives of ordinary folk. It also demonstrates the best and worst in human nature.

When Reason Screams No and Intuition Screams Yes would appeal to everyone interested in the events in Europe leading up to and during World War II but more especially it is a book that should prove fascinating to all of Polish heritage. For them, it is the perfect gift, to be treasured for generations. DS

CALEB Reviews

UCB Vision Radio Network, The Journey with Matt & Karen [Audio]

UCB Vision Radio Network, The Journey with Matt & Karen

As heard on The Journey with Matt & Karen (UCB Vision Radio Network).

Live interview was aired on Wednesday, 4 July 2012. More info is available on the blog seciton.

UCB Vision Radio Network, The Journey with Matt & Karen

Radio Hope - The Open House, Leigh and Vtec

As heard on the The Open House with Leigh Hatcher (Radio Hope). The interview was aired on :

Vtec Janus - Using the past for the future

Being inspired by other people’s life experiences can motivate us when we’re struggling. Vtec Janus shares his story of being reacquainted with his grandfather. He talks about being inspired by his tumultuous life and says it strengthened his own Christian faith.

Open House Interviews with Leigh Hatcher

Dear Friend,

Your words are warmly welcome! I would be thrilled to hear about your reading experience and thoughts. Should you feel the urge to share your excitement, you have my sincere thanks and appreciation.

With gratitude,

Vtec J.

What readers are saying...



As a reader whose first language is not English, I think this book is worth reading a lot. The sentence and phrase are concrete and mimic, which make you able to sense the author's feeling. Furthermore, the story described in this book is inspiring and interesting. I am encouraged by the grandparents' persistance and bravery and shocked to know that there was a different picture about the 2nd world war. Last but not least, this book provides an image of western culture, which is nothing like my domestic culture. When I go back to china, I definitely will buy two as gifts for my friends. Hopefully, I could get the signature.

Perisia Mburuja

When Reason Screams No and intuition Screams Yes is an incredible real life story loaded with principles of life which a lot of people face when making major decisions and choices in their lives. Vtec is an astonishing author who turned his grandfather’s tale into a storyline which flows smoothly without slowing down once you start reading. He is such a creative writer who knows how to construct a story that engages the readers and keep them glued to the book.

The main character of the book is very inspiring and gives a great example on how human beings face difficulty times which if not committed and faithful to their values, in most cases the easy way out is to just give up. I must admit the story takes me back to my own experience when I was facing similar circumstances during the war between Tanzania and Uganda way back in 1978. Spending a week hiding in trenches without having any clue of when we will be evacuated from the war zone to our prospective home regions was a dream which we never thought would ever come true. As high school students we were depending on the fate of the government machinery which at the time had a lot of problems including financial constraints. Some students who lost their faith decided to run away on foot, walking hundreds of kilometres, some of whom never reached their destiny safely. This book gave me great insight and my life experience really related to the story. It is a book I would recommend everyone to read as it will give hope to the discouraged and those with broken hearts. It is also a great inspiration which will empower and encourage focus on personal goals no matter what.

Merryn Galluccio

This is a truly inspirational story told clearly and enjoyably. We follow the story of Stanley who has such an incredible physical and spiritual journey through life. Enduring at times, hugely tough circumstances but rising high through it all. 'When Reason Screams No and Intuition Screams Yes' is a book that you will find hard to put down and want to keep turning each page. This amazing and unique story depicts a triumph for mankind - against all odds, leaving us to reflect on our own choices and circumstances. It is an absolute pleasure to read this story and I am grateful that Vtec has shared it with the world. I highly recommend When Reason Screams No and Intuition Screams Yes for anyone, anywhere.


Congratulations on your book being published! Its definitely a story that should be told and shared.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and found the message meaningful and inspiring


Francis Song

I believe this book is for anyone who is in need of inspiration and faith. The title itself meant a lot to me as sometimes in life we find ourselves in what seem hopeless situations causing us to lose faith and even hope that things will improve. When reason screams no and intuition screams yes, is a beautiful and personal story, it made me think about all the negative reasons that sometimes overwhelm me and it reminded me how important it is not to lose touch with ourselves amongst all the hardships life may bring. I’m on the path to regaining my strength to carry on and find a better me at the end of my struggles, as I’m reminded by this book that the power of love and belief within the human spirit is far greater and stronger than any of the hardships we may face. Beautifully and honestly told from beginning to end it’s a truly inspiring book. Thank you for such an inspirational book!

Allan Creighton

An inspiring story of courage and determination.

Well written, the story flowed fluently and created an anticipation making it hard to put the book down. After 90 mins of reading I finished with a sense of expectation of hearing more of the courage of Stanley, his spirituality and his confidence in relating this to his grandson.

I'd recommend this to my friends, who might take positive messages into the future.

William Calleja

I found this story to be one of courage, determination and a true test of the human spirit in all aspects. The positive message that was conveyed is one that everyone can realate to and use in their everyday life. I really enjoyed the book and its message.

Wendy Scott

Congratulations on your first book.

I really enjoyed the story of your Grandfather.

Well done.

Wendy S.

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