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When Reason Screams NO and Intuition Screams YES by Vtec Janus My childhood memories were not always clear. Most of the time I could picture moments in time, and many of those were of the time I’ve spent with my Grandparents. The distinctive aspect of this was a feeling of closeness – a deeply rooted bond that was a prominent part of me. Being separated by great distance, time spent apart and cultural upbringing, my curiosity and need for answers led me on a quest; to fill the gaps and satisfy the thirst of my inner calling.

This experience was truly eye-opening, and on many levels surpassed my expectations. At the time, I learned of my childhood, my Grandfather’s ordeal and the significance of love, faith and courage. The feeling of love and closeness remained a part of me – constituting my spiritual legacy. I comprehend it’s origins, meaning and message: “Love shows itself clearly when another is in need and someone gives up all his comforts and even his way of life to help that other person. True love knows no limits. It is above and superior to reason. It says ‘Yes’, when logic says ‘No’. And the sure proof that it is superior is shown in this: real love is always accompanied by happiness. At times it struggles, but when it is given freely and without reserve, it triumphs.”

As time went by, the meaning of courage and faith became apparent. In my darkest moment, a whisper of hope was all it took to fill my heart with faith. Having faith and a sense of direction, I remembered the terrifying moments my grandfather once faced, and I knew that the journey wouldn’t always be effortless. But at the same time I felt that a large part of me is ready and willing to face the challenges ahead, that I had what it takes to manifest deepest desires of my heart.

Over the ages, much has been said about spiritualism, but how does one define spirituality in their own life? There is no simple answer that could truly satisfy everyone’s expectations. Though, there are many similarities, there will also be differences. It’s a matter of the individual’s approach to the subject, their willingness – a kind of openness – to notice that they are a three part being (body, mind and spirit), and ability to discern what guides them – the most influential aspects of their own past and present.

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Written on August 25th, 2012 , When Reason...

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